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Social Media Strategy

The 3 Top Tips for Building a Successful Social Media Strategy

As with anything online, there are plenty of professionals who can offer you their personal tips & advice to help you with things such as mastering all the social media networks or growing your audience by 100s in days. That’s not what this blog is about. This post is focused on providing useful guidance to help you get started with your strategy & learning what it means to build a useful strategy.

Following my recent Business Builder talk, I wanted to reiterate my top 3 tips for helping you to build a successful social media strategy for your business, as this is exactly what you need to know before you start. So, you don’t waste any of your money-making time.


Everywhere I turn online, it tells me I need to be tracking this or growing that audience by the 1000s in a few days or why I should be using multiple social media accounts in my business.

The truth is to be the most successful, you need to keep it simple. You need to start somewhere, with focus & grow it over time. Trying to run 5 social media accounts when you haven’t got a clue about how to run even one of them successfully is going to end in frustration, annoyance & ultimately failure. Have you heard the phrase ‘You can’t chase two rabbits at once, yes? Well this also applies to your social media marketing strategy.

Pick 1 (or 2, if you’re a little further ahead) & start by focusing on making that account the best it can be. You can also simplify your content output as well. Think about what time & resources you can put into your social media. Be honest & practical. Do you really have the resources to be churning out a new asset (i.e. a blog post) each week? Or is one a month more practical for the time being?

In the future, you may post 4 times a month but for now start simple & build as you see the results you want for your business. It’s easier to prove the return on investment to yourself or your boss on a smaller investment & put more in over time.


Yes, social media is an excellent marketing tool for your business. Yes, it’s often the cheapest of marketing outputs & yes, most people have a fairly, good basic understanding of how to post on Facebook.

However, what is often forgotten is you are always in the service of your clients. Your social channels are another avenue to provide value to your clients. So, post after post about your new service will not work well on any of the platforms. It will get boring quickly & your customers will start to think you don’t really care about them, rather you care about getting their money. Not a situation you want to be in.

Take a step back & think about how your social channel can help them. Can you inspire them? Can you educate them? Can you make them laugh out loud & help them have a slightly better day?

It’s not to say your services don’t add value to them but no-one likes a hard sell in the offline world, so don’t do it online either.


I’m a firm believer in doing things smartly, so knowing when you build a strategy for your Facebook account what you’re looking to get from it is essential.

This is the only way you can start to measure your return on Investment into the platform & see if it is working for you. Of course, it’s not always easy to link money spent on content creation or building a following to the bottom line increase but we can start to measure progress in a multitude of ways & not be completely in the dark about its usefulness to your overall business strategy. It can also be helpful simply to have a direction in which you are going for your social accounts, purpose is an incredibly powerful tool for success.

Smart here also refers to tracking your data. Knowing how many new followers you gained that month or knowing how many website visitors were generated through links on your social pages or content you shared is a great way of measuring success.

Data doesn’t need to be complicated. Start with a few stats & build on them as you gain more confidence. You will also probably find that you’ll start to ask yourself questions about how your audience is behaving & then create data to track to answer those questions. Always do it your way but do make sure you do it!

To summarise: keep it simple & grow your audience one platform at a time, always offer value to your clients to build the most engaged audience & lastly start tracking your data, so you can always be one step ahead!

If you’d like to know more about the different elements for building a social media strategy plan, why not catch up on the Facebook Live Video from my Business Builder’s talk? Or send me an email at to discuss more about building your own successful strategy.


Emily Milsom
The Social Boffin


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